Thursday, April 29, 2010

All the things I like.....

This jewel is a pink sapphire. They are found in the ground and are dug up, washed, cleaned, and cut into a pretty jewel.

The name of this rose is The Reeve. It comes from England in the year 1979. I like it because it beautiful pink.

I like this horse because it is white and has a beautiful mane and people have to groom them.

The three muskeeteers is a great movie I like it a lot. My favourite muskeeteer is the pink one.


  1. i love that horse too, i think it would be fun to go for a ride on it, then take it back to the stables and give it a good brushing (and maybe plait its tail and put a pink ribbon in it)

  2. ooh Ellie you are just so scrummy!!! I could just dunk you in my coffee!!!

  3. do you like my muskeeteer!!!!!!!